Tsunami warning in effect after 8.2-magnitude earthquake off Alaska coast
Magnitudeuncertainty8.2 mww± 0.1Locationuncertainty56.046°N 149.073°W± 5.9 kmDepthuncertainty25.0 km± 1.8Origin Time2018-01-23 09:31:42.940 UTCNumber of Stations–Number of Phases322Minimum Distance288.9 km (2.60°)Travel Time Residual0.90 sAzimuthal Gap28°FE RegionGULF OF ALASKA (15)Review StatusREVIEWEDCatalogUS (us2000cmy3)Location SourceUS4Magnitude SourceUS4ContributorUS4
Here’s how the flu virus kills some people so quickly!
A 10-year-old Connecticut boy died of flu. So did a 21-year-old bodybuilder, and 4-year-old Jonah Reiben of Dayton, Ohio. These are not the usual sick and elderly people who die from influenza. But every year, flu carries away perfectly healthy young adults and children, and tens of thousands of people over 65. How does flu kill, and why does it sometimes kill so quickly? Doctors who study the body’s immune response say there are three main reasons: co-infection with another germ, usually bacteria such as strep; aggravation of existing conditions such as heart disease and asthma; and a so-called cytokine storm, marked by an overwhelming immune system response to infection. Related: Flu is taking no mercy on vulnerable kids Sometimes this can happen very fast. During the 1918 “Spanish flu” pandemic that killed up to 50 million people a century ago, many people were reported to have died within hours of showing their first symptoms. …
Powerful eruption at Mayon volcano, heavy ashfall and zero visibility, Alert Level 4
A powerful eruption took place at Mayon volcano, Philippines around 04:45 UTC on Monday, January 22, 2018 (12:45 local time), producing a column of ash that rose up to 7.6 km (25 000 feet) above sea level. At 05:10 UTC, the Tokyo VAAC reported ash cloud up to 12.5 km (41 000 feet) a.s.l. and corrected it within 30 minutes. Increased activity at the volcano forced authorities to raise the Alert Level from 3 to 4 (hazardous eruption imminent). The scale goes up to 5. Heavy ashfall was reported in communities around the volcano and as far as Ligao City, some 35 km (21.7 miles) from Legazpi City. Albay Governor said zero visibility has been reported in parts of Guinobatan, Ligao, and Camalig after the major ash eruption, advising everyone to wear their face masks and to stay indoors, especially those in the 3rd district of Albay. Classes in all public and private schools across the entire province have be…