LIVE STREAM with Scott C'one from Planet X News 6-24-18

LIVE STREAM with Scott C'one from Planet X News 6-24-18
Yellowstone Geyser Activity Increases Sparking Conversation Of Supervolcano Eruption Chances
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (CBSDFW.COM/CBS LOCAL)— A historically dormant geyser in Yellowstone National Park has been anything but dormant recently — and visitors can’t get enough of the water show. It has also sparked conversation about whether a super-eruption could soon be expected in the region. Steamboat Geyser is now the world’s largest active geyser. It has erupted 10 times in three months, but it wasn’t always so exciting. Before this year– Steamboat erupted 10 times in nearly 30 years. According to officials, the activity is spurred on by a large magma field sitting just below the park. “There’s been a lot of hype about the Supervolcano of Yellowstone and the potential for a super eruption,” said Wendy Stovall of the United States Geological Survey (USGS). “There’s no evidence that we see from all of the monitoring equipment that we have that there would be a super-eruption anytime soon…
Dust Storm on Mars Now Completely Covers the Red Planet
A massive dust storm on Mars that covered one-fourth of the planet just a week ago has grown into a global weather event, NASA officials said Wednesday  (June 20).
The dust storm has knocked NASA's Opportunity rover offline for want of sunlight. The agency's nuclear-powered Curiosity, meanwhile, is snapping photos of the ever-darkening Martian sky. The two rovers are on opposite sides of Mars.
"The Martian dust storm has grown in size and is now officially a 'planet-encircling' (or 'global') dust event," NASA officials said in a statement.  [The Mars Dust Storm of 2018 Explained]
The last dust storm on Mars to go global occurred in 2007, five years before the Curiosity rover landed at its Gale Crater site, according to officials with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. The Opportunity rover has been exploring the plains of Meridiani Planum on the opposite side of Mars si…
Grand Solar Minimum is Coming and Planet X may increase its speed
High up in the clear blue noontime sky, the sun appears to be much the same day-in, day-out, year after year. But astronomers have long known that this is not true. The sun does change. Properly-filtered telescopes reveal a fiery disk often speckled with dark sunspots. Sunspots are strongly magnetized, and they crackle with solar flares—magnetic explosions that illuminate Earth with flashes of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation. The sun is a seething mass of activity.
Until it’s not. Every 11 years or so, sunspots fade away, bringing a period of relative calm. “This is called solar minimum,” says Dean Pesnell of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. “And it’s a regular part of the sunspot cycle.” The sun is heading toward solar minimum now. Sunspot counts were relatively high in 2014, and now they are sliding toward a low point expected in 2019-2020. While intense activity such as sunspots and sol…
Prophecy Alert: “Longest BLOOD MOON” Apocalyptic Sign July 27, 2018 The July 2018 Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse will outshine every other eclipse to take place between the years 2001 and 2100. The eclipse will last one hour and 43 minutes – nearly 40 minutes longer than the January 31 Super Blue Blood Moon combo. According to astronomer Bruce McClure of, the eclipse will take peak sometime around 8.22pm UTC or 9.22pm UK time. The space expert said: “The July 2018 full moon presents the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century on the night of July 27-28, 2018, lasting for a whopping one hour and 43 minutes. “A partial eclipse precedes and follows the century’s longest total lunar eclipse, each time lasting one hour and six minutes. “So, from start to finish, the moon takes nearly four hours to cross the Earth’s dark umbral shadow.” During the eclipse, when the moon passes through the shadow cast by Earth, the moon will take on a deep red to orange color rather t…
Update on Kīlauea Volcano for Saturday, June 23, 2018
The eruption in the lower East Rift Zone continues with no significant change during the past 24 hours. Lava from fissure 8 continues to supply lava to the open channel with only small, short-lived overflows. During an overflight early this morning, geologists observed incandescence from Fissure 22, but no associated spattering or flow. Lava is entering the sea this morning on the southern side of the entry area primarily through the open channel, but also as small lava streams along a 0.6 mi wide area. The entry areas are marked by billowing laze plumes.

At Kīlauea Volcano’s summit, at 6:52 p.m. HST on June 22, after approximately 25 hours of elevated seismicity, a collapse explosion occurred at the summit producing an ash-poor steam plume that rose 500 ft above the ground surface (4,500 ft above sea level) before drifting to the SW. The energy released by the event was equivalent to a magnitude 5.3 earthquake. Seismicity dropped ab…
Ocean disappears in the Gulf of Thailand
The strange phenomenon is back. A strong water receding was reported along several beaches situated in the Gulf of Thailand. According to residents, such a strong tidal phenomenon – with water disappearing over more than 2 kilometers away – wasn’t experienced in the last 20 years.

Such mysterious water disappearances were recently reported around the world… And scientists have no ideas about what is causing the strange phenomenon.
Scant Information On FEMA Barges As stated, I have been hearing the stories and rumors of FEMA barges since Katrina, small operation, to Houston’s Hurricane Harvey, large operation. My sources of information have not been federal employees as much as the few people who have contacted me who were able to escape the clutches of FEMA. Therefore, much of my previous knowledge comes from people who have seen the operations from the outside looking in, not the from the inside, hence, another reason for the elusiveness of the operation. Since Hurricane Harvey, I have received two detailed stories from two separate individuals in two different locations who provided information on how people are supposedly “gathered up”.  The supposed stories had some common elements. First, armed private contractors do a sweep of an area where they are hoping to gather up detainees. The people are disarmed by the private contractors of anything that could be use…
Cold-wave hits Peru killing 600 people as temperatures plunge to 5 °F
According to Chile's Ministry of Health (Minsa), 604 people have died of pneumonia by June 20, 2018, due to low temperatures. The number includes more than 400 older adults and 72 children under the age of 5. Since winter season is just beginning, low temperatures, snow and frost are expected to continue. The director of the National Center of Epidemiology, Gladys Ramirez, said that Lima has the highest number of influenza AH1N1, followed by Piura, Puno, Cuzco, Madre de Dios, and Tacna. This season's frost arrived earlier than usual and has already affected more than 32,000 Peruvians in 11 regions of the country. In some areas, such as San Antonio de Putinas in Puno, temperatures plummeted to - 15 °C (5 °F), causing deaths of at least 6 children.
The Peruvian doctor, Elmer Huertas, said that the Minsa data show that hundreds of children in the high Andean areas die every year from lung complications caused by…
Trump Exposes Existence of FEMA Camps Through the Immigration Crisis
This photo is what started the controversy of guard towers being needlessly built on public structures. FEMA Camps now come in all shapes and sizes. From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb. Walmarts are not the only structures that have been converted to FEMA camps. Whether we realize it or not, Trump just formally exposed the true existence of FEMA camps to the American people through the immigration crisis. 
I have expressed, multiple times that I was opposed to President Trump’s style of detainment for youth who had been arrested at the border. I stated that it was a bad PR move. Further, we know that over 80% of the minors arrested at the border are not accompanied by an adult. Therefore, Trump’s no tolerance policy of detaining children apart from their parents was totally unnecessary. Along these lines, I can, without question, tell you that DHS is almost entirely under the control of the Deep…