MEANWHILE ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN: Three days ago, big sunspot AR2665 rotated off the solar disk, beginning a two-week transit of the farside of the sun. AR2665 may no longer be visible, but we know it's still active. On July 20th, a coronal mass ejection (CME) billowed over the edge of the sun, signaling an explosion in the sunspot's magnetic canopy:



  1. I have been following you for some time now and I agree we are being directly affected by multiple sources, my belief is that it's an entire solar system interacting with our own. We are no different than any other solar system, we see binary and trinary systems. What makes ours any different, nothing. I am constantly researching and gathering information that directly supports this. Everything leads to a domino effect on our planet. The solar winds, radiation, protons has a bouncy ball effect when released and that's when we are seeing the upticks in earthquakes, volcanoes, and earth weather reacting to this. Our sun is extremely sick and continues to get worse. I see this getting much worse, possibly a total magnetic reversal. I believe it will happen and abruptly. There's evidence of this happening before on the top of the Alps. I would like your feedback, heck I would like to speak with you and the physicist. The more imperical evidence the better.


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