1. Mimic is a microwave sensing satalite what you are seeing is energy waves in the microwave frequency range..

    A current technology that utilizes microwave energy to modify weather patterns is H.A.A.R.P.

    Microwave energy from two deferent HAARP installations are being focused on that storm cloud.

    You need to understand how haarp works... The microwave you use to heat your food actually heats the water molecules in your food (that why you have to wet bread to heat it) the same manor HAARP heats the moisture in the atmosphere creating an area of "high pressure".... You'll notice that the target of HAARP was the storm cloud (meaning the floating moisture)

    HAARP can be used to move the jet can also be used to direct the path of a hurricane.(notice the high pressure region over Colorado that is holding hurricane Harvey in place.)

    It could also be used to kill a hurricane before it hits landfall by directing the energy directly into the eye of a hurricane. Because the eye is a low pressure (air is falling) when quickly heated (causes an upward draft) would short circuit the "engine of the hurricane"

    It should also be added that only 12 HAARP installations would be needed to blanket its coverage around the entire globe...


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