1. In regard to your physicist’s recent research on eclectic current moving seawater, I thought you might want to look into the following info.

    A recent You Tube video I watched traced some strange microwave emanations (detected by MIMIC satellite imagery) from Antarctica traveling out into the south Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The emanations appeared to occur at the same time the anomalous ocean activities took place on the southern Chile coast and the Uruguay and Brazil coasts. The emanations were traced back to the finger of Antarctica land that points at the southern tip of South America.

    The video pinpointed anomalous underwater seabed structures off the coast of the Rothschild Peninsula as a possible source of one of the emanations. The anomalies appear to be some sort of an array of cone shaped structures, with identical size and spacing in a rectangular grid.

    I did some additional Google Earth searching of the Antarctic seabed and found similar underwater structures on the opposite side of this large finger of Antarctic land. The structures I found are similar in size and spacing but in an array that forms an arc that opens facing South Africa.

    I did a Google Earth image history of both areas and found they did not appear until the latest 2017 image.

    Coordinates of both are:
    71°35’32.12”S, 76°35’57.81”W; and
    70°45’35.86”S, 55°58’50.65”W

    Makes me wonder, what in the H... are the world governments up to.

    A true fan of your work.

    Bill G.


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