5 insights for enjoying the coming Tribulation

1. “It’s a hologram”
The universe, that is. Science is increasingly becoming made aware that this universe is built upon a holographic template. The universe is a hologram, which means that our Earth is built upon a holographic template, as are we. Some argue that the holographic template is a double toroid, while others say it is a triple toroid. Just imagine a giant donut or a snake eating its own tail, for starters. Now, think about pouring a substance through the middle of the donut into the vacuum and watch it go through the black hole and then (strangely) come back through again. This is the phenomena of circulating electrons through “nether paradise”—cosmic recycling. Meanwhile, the center of the universe (at least the source of its energy) is Absolute Paradise.
2. “All is One”
The One is the mind of the Infinite Creator who created (as a Divine Father) a Perfect Paradise, which he then expanded from in seven directions. These seven directions became seven super-universes, the seven notes of music. He transformed his essence into three Deities for the purpose of anchoring the seven directions into reality using the personality prerogatives of his divine Son and the Infinite Spirit. Together, as divine sons and universe mother spirits, aspects of the divine father “ensoul” universes with angels, archangels, and living beings like ourselves.
3. “The real is sacred”
Beyond time and space, then, higher beings than ourselves are in attendance and observe us. They minister to us when necessary, but only when we ask for help. Ours is a freewill, holographic universe that we co-create based upon the principles of conscious co-creation and mathematical ordering. However, it has a template that comes from our own divine creator son, Jesus, and Sophia, the universe mother spirit–Shiva and Shakti. Our left hemispheres serve to channel the holographic image of the creator son, Jesus, (or the anti-Christ) while our right hemispheres serve to channel the spirit personality of the divine mother. Both of these entities are real just as the creative space that they occupy is beyond our time and space frequencies, but are, nevertheless, real. In fact, they (the angels and archangels, spirits and creator sons) are more real than us in terms of their spiritual perception. Lastly, our connection with them and their connection to us is quite real.
4. “There is a spiritual battle going on right now”
Like it or not, you must chose to serve the supernatural forces of the good God, the Divine Father. You must serve Sophia and Jesus Christ as they serve the Divine Father. You must follow the Super-Universe mandates of the Ancient of Days when he rules under the authority of the Divine Father that the Lucifer Rebellion was entirely unlawful and that all rebels will face the second death. The Luciferian rebels are hoping that they can take as many human souls with them as comfort food, as it were, until that horrible verdict is rendered. Shape-shifting reptilians are actually trans-dimensional entities trapped here because of their unwillingness to serve Jesus Christ as Sovereign Son. However, calling the name of Jesus Christ as the Sovereign Son will protect your soul from the trans-dimensional demons and their cloned slaves, the grays.
5. The Harvest is coming
This is my response to the YouTube channel called The Event is Coming Soon. Jesus often mentioned the Harvest, because he well understood that it offered the final image of redemption to the true believers who have been reincarnating on this planet so many times during the 26,000 years of the Great Cycle that is ending.
Evidence for my own misguided ramblings can be found in the following articles and links:
  • USA Today just ran a story with the title, Mind Blown: The Universe is a Hologram
  • Physicist Nassim Haramein’s painstaking and visionary research into hyperdimensional, wave-form physics has led him to the conclusion that the universe employs a holographic fractal design based upon the double torus.
  • The Urantia Book has outlined the function of nether paradise is to recycle electrons so that “energy is never destroyed, only recycled.” Here are some statements from Paper 42 of the Urantia Book and a link to the entire paper. Hope it is understandable.
  • 42:1.6(468.3) Energy proceeds from Paradise, fashioned after the divine order. Energy—pure energy—partakes of the nature of the divine organization; it is fashioned after the similitude of the three Gods embraced in one, as they function at the headquarters of the universe of universes. And all force is circuited in Paradise, comes from the Paradise Presences and returns thereto, and is in essence a manifestation of the uncaused Cause—the Universal Father; and without the Father would not anything exist that does exist.
  • 42:1.7(468.4) Force derived from self-existent Deity is in itself ever existent. Force-energy is imperishable, indestructible; these manifestations of the Infinite may be subject to unlimited transmutation, endless transformation, and eternal metamorphosis; but in no sense or degree, not even to the slightest imaginable extent, could they or ever shall they suffer extinction. But energy, though springing from the Infinite, is not infinitely manifest; there are outer limits to the presently conceived master universe.
  • 42:1.8(468.5) Energy is eternal but not infinite; it ever responds to the all-embracing grasp of Infinity. Forever force and energy go on; having gone out from Paradise, they must return thereto, even if age upon age be required for the completion of the ordained circuit. That which is of Paradise Deity origin can have only a Paradise destination or a Deity destiny.
  • 42:1.9(468.6) And all this confirms our belief in a circular, somewhat limited, but orderly and far-flung universe of universes. If this were not true, then evidence of energy depletion at some point would sooner or later appear. All laws, organizations, administration, and the testimony of universe explorers—everything points to the existence of an infinite God but, as yet, a finite universe, a circularity of endless existence, well-nigh limitless but, nevertheless, finite in contrast with infinity.
Of course, I am not able to give you irrefutable evidence for trans-dimensional reptilians, nor can I offer undeniable proof of a secret Nazi base under Antarctica, but here are a few links to show others are discussing reptilian theories. Before It’s News often has the balls to cover these stories, such as this one.  Other researchers and de-programmers of the alien implants are on the Internet trying to expose the truth of the agenda. “They want our souls.”
Planet X is bringing the hammer and ending the possibility of human souls being harmed. Fukushima is releasing increasing amounts of radiation into the Pacific Ocean, which is the Ring of Fire. It will become a “lake of fire” and all of those individuals hiding themselves in the mountains or under Denver will cry.
The Qu’ran is very clear on this: Pharaoh’s armies got “drownded.” Adam sinned but was forgiven. Jesus was divinely born. A fireball has already struck the Atlantic Ocean. Fukushima is releasing massive radiation; and, if a fireball were flung from the tail of Planet X to strike the Pacific, then the Good Lord can assume the Harvest will immediately ensue. The question is, when? God knows.


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