Mysteries revealed in Antarctica

By Guest Writer Christian deBlancbio and articles / forum
As we prepare to close the book on 2016, it is important to think about the revelations that are beginning to crack through the ice.
Recently, a giant ravine opened up in Antarctica, as a huge gash appeared to be cut across the glacial swath of this massive, mysterious continent.
Metaphorically-speaking, the presence of heretofore unnoticed pyramids on Antarctica brings us to be the point of being psychologically flabbergasted, so many will, I suppose, deny the obvious.
Speaking of denying the obvious, check out this ‘second sun’ video. Don’t worry, I am as ADHD as you are; it’s only 41 seconds.
Planet X and its system is coming into view, despite the constant chemtrailing and the HAARPing of the ionosphere, which is both obscuring the visibility of Planet X’s system and compounding the geomagnetic, electromagnetic, ionospheric activity of the system—which boils down to terrible snowstorms, earthquakes, volcanoes and dead fish off the coast of Nova Scotia (thanks, HAARP).
Meanwhile, President Obama has given Russian diplomatic ambassadors until 12 noon on Friday, December 30th to exit the country. Citing the recent allegations of Russian hacking or cyber-meddling in the recent election won by Donald Trump, Obama ousted Russia’s ambassadors without warning.
Vladimir Putin decided not to reciprocate, despite what he referred to as the “kitchen diplomacy” of the Obama administration. Putin stated that he would wait for Donald Trump’s administration to signal their policy directives regarding Russia and the recent ceasefire achieved by the efforts of Turkey, Russian and the Syrian administration—headed by Assad.
So, we approach a new year in which we have the possibility for peace with Russia and perhaps peace in Syria; or, we could begin a new conflict in Ukraine. Perhaps, we simply stir the pot in Syria by arming rebels (radical jihadists). I pray Obama simply abides by the ceasefire, despite the fact that he cannot claim any role in achieving it. Certainly, a president who has received (presumably thanks to his speeches) a Nobel Peace Prize wouldn’t stand in the way of American peace and prosperity in 2017.
Of course, according to most Planet X researchers / conspiracy theorists, either we are approaching a seven-year period of Tribulations starting around September 23, 2017, or, perhaps that date constitutes the end of the passing of Planet X and its system.
I fall into the former camp.
I think that the evil force that Admiral Byrd encountered in February 1947 in Antarctica will manifest itself out of desperation in 2017 because Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin do plan on bringing peace and prosperity to the world, and I don’t think either China or Japan will try to stand in the way. In fact, Japan has signaled that it will aid President Trump. China certainly has a large population to think about and I can’t imagine that they would want to miss out on peace and prosperity moving forward. Of course, China will have to stop its religious persecution and organ-harvesting policies just like it stopped its one-child-only policy.
But I digress. I am thinking about the supposed tweet sent by former astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
Indubitably, I cannot but doubt the authenticity of the tweet; however, there have been some strange occurrences in Antarctica. Most people probably don’t know that Buzz Aldrin had to be medically air-lifted off Antarctica days prior to supposedly tweeting and deleting the tweet, “We are all in danger. It is evil itself,” with the image of a giant pyramid in Antarctica looming ominously.
John Kerry made a visit to Antarctica fairly recently as well. The guy is a lizard, or has been taken over by one. I am sorry. His tongue twitch does not appear human. He hasn’t appeared human since he had the apparent bicycle injury in France.
At any rate, that is where I have to leave this article. UFO sightings are at a high and disclosure by Trump seems imminent. Perhaps, this is what the New World Order is seeking to avoid. The NAZI / UFO base under Antarctica is causing gravitational anomalies for Earth. It cannot be hidden any longer. Something is cracking down there under the ice just as Planet X materializes.


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