Planet X / Nibiru and the Apocalypse: applying the key to the prophecy

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This is an article in a series about Planet X / Nibiru and the Apocalypse as told in the Book of Revelation. In this article, I will reveal the methods to decode the entire prophecy. I will use the information we have gathered so far to accomplish that goal.
So far we have looked at Chapters 1-7 and 12. I have also touched on content in Chapters 10, 11, 13 and 14. We also created a partial timeline of events.
I used the text in those chapters to create the key I use to decode the meaning of the prophecy. I believe that it is important to review that key and the derived timeline of events before continuing.
The following are the rules of the key:
  1. The seven stars in the right hand of the sun are the Planet X system.
  2. Lampstands are satellites (planets, moons, man-made satellites).
  3. Our sun has seven visible satellites: the planet Mercury – Uranus.
  4. The Planet X system has seven satellites around a dark red sun.
  5. The seven stars are the message and the messengers.
  6. Planet X enters our system during the Age of Aquarius.
  7. Planet X uses our solar system as a gravitational catapult.
  8. The four horsemen/messengers are bodies within the Planet X system.
  9. The four horsemen align on four sides of Earth to create the catapult.
  10. The seven thunders occur when Planet X is launched back into space.
  11. Judgment Day is the effect of the seven thunders on Earth.
  12. The tribulation happens between the fifth and sixth seals.
  13. Judgment occurs on the seventh trumpet when Planet X leaves.
  14. The New Age begins when Planet X is gone.
Using the above key and applying it to the Book Of Revelation as a whole, we can derive the following timeline. Each of the subsequent chapters following the seven trumpets (12-22) are synchronized based on their content. Chapters 1-5 contain general information applied to the entire story.
Now there is a place for everything and everything has a place. From this point forward, we can decode the book as a whole. Instead of going chapter by chapter, we can follow the event timeline and refer to the chapters that apply to each event. This way, we get a much clearer picture simply because there are more words available.
There are only a few symbols left to decode: What is a beast, horn, crown, etc.? However, there is little mystery around those items. Most of the terms are already well-known and can be easily defined using the Internet.
In the next article, we will decode the prophecy starting with the first trumpet and continue event-by-event from there.


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