Project Black Star Update – (2017)

Seismic indicators say Earth is moving towards the end of the current earth change lull period, expected to run through the middle of February 2017 placing the Black Star firmly in the center of the Libra Constellation relative to the Sun.
Start DateEnd Date # 8+# 7# 6# 5# 2.5 – 4Total This WeekWeek Total This Time Last Year
01/10/2016 01/16/201651L  00427263294243
Year-over-year weekly earthquake events for Week 51 are all within expected parameters across the board showing zero of the 6-magnitude earthquake events that is actually down from previous orbit cycles.
Start DateEnd Date # 8+# 7# 6# 5# 2.5 – 4Total This WeekWeek Total This Time Last Year
01/18/15 01/24/151O  00118180*199313
01/25/15 01/31/15J    00130J   343374291
02/01/15 02/07/15 3U  00128211240245
02/08/15 02/14/154U  01218224245243
02/15/15 02/21/15 5J   00J   5*36223264230
02/22/15 02/28/1560     1136206244230
03/01/15 03/07/15700120216237242
03/08/15 03/14/158U  00117211229373
03/15/15 03/21/159U  00229242273311
03/22/15 03/28/1510U  00125244270297
03/29/15 04/04/1511U  01527238269391
04/05/15 04/11/151200013247260321
04/19/1504/25/1513N  01736233277305
05/03/1505/09/1515L  02046290338308
05/10/1505/16/1516L  01243257303253
05/17/1505/23/1517L  005*25256286230
06/14/1506/20/1521L  01211203217270
06/21/1506/27/1522L  00321204228372
06/28/1507/04/1523L  00321188*212253
07/05/1507/11/1524L  00324199*226244
07/19/1507/25/1526L  00022288310249
07/26/1508/01/1527    01329533?566204
08/02/1508/08/1528L  00032295327223
08/09/1508/15/1529     00330192*225240
08/16/1508/22/1530O  00014233247275
08/30/1509/05/1532U  00124327352314
09/06/1509/12/1533U  00131271303254
09/13/1509/19/1534U  111256341411269
10/25/1510/31/1540U  01019256276265
11/01/1511/07/1541U  00338233274355
11/08/1511/14/1542U  00641239286322
11/22/1511/28/1544B  02324242271289
12/06/1512/12/1546L  01132273307261
12/13/1512/19/1547L  00221202225277
12/20/1512/26/1548L  00320214237258
12/27/1501/02/1649L  00117234252275
1/03/20161/09/201650J   00121402*424266
1/10/2016 1/16/201651L  00427263294243
1/17/2016 1/23/201652L  00130231262199
1/24/2016 1/30/20165302135330368374
1/31/2016  2/6/20165400323236262240
Start DateEnd Date # 8+# 7# 6# 5# 2.5 – 4Total This WeekWeek Total This Time Last Year
  2/7/2016  2/13/20161O  00329227259245
2/14/2016  2/20/20162     00223273298264
2/21/2016  2/27/20163*00022259281244
2/28/2016  3/5/20164U  01024273298237
3/13/20163/19/2016 6U  00228242272273
3/20/20163/26/2016 70015224230270
3/27/20164/02/2016 800322212237269
4/03/20164/09/2016 9U  00425259288260
4/10/20164/16/201610U  02747252308219
4/24/20164/30/201612N  01224229256254
5/01/20165/07/201613L   00024217241338
5/08/20165/14/201614L  00021242263303
5/15/2016 5/21/20161500218241261286
5/22/2016 5/28/20161601218204225243
5/29/2016 6/04/201617L  00221223246253
6/05/2016 6/11/201618L  00724217248252
6/12/2016 6/18/201619L  00126 182*209217
6/19/2016 6/25/201620L  00428226258228
6/26/2016 7/02/20162100127243271212
7/03/2016 7/09/20162200021205226226
7/10/2016 7/16/20162300329207239358
7/17/2016 7/23/20162400132196229310
08/14/201608/20/201628O  01243199245247
08/21/201608/27/201629U  00425221250284
08/28/201609/03/201630U  02151268322352
09/18/201609/24/201633U  00540267312346
11/13/201611/19/201641B   01 NZ449303*357308
11/20/201611/26/201642L  01 ES333232269271
11/27/201612/03/201643L  00221196*219242
O= Outside Orbit Position N= Nearside Alignment B= Backside Alignment U= Uptick L= Lull J= Jolt
Earth has seen a 7+ magnitude earthquake event every other week on average since our planet passed behind the Sun relative to the Black Star on November 14, 2016 like we see with the 7.9 New Guinea Quake Event (USGS) from January 22, 2017 very near the Indonesia Origination Zone.  The number of moderate 5 and 6-magnitude earthquake events from Week 41 to Week 46 show a well-defined bounce moving through the first seven weeks of the current earth change lull period due to the deep magma flow rebounding effect taking place within the deep magma plume buoyancy barriers contracting within Earth mantle transition zone throughout the lull period and retreating back to the Indonesia Origination Zone that is typical for each earth change lull period for the last two years. The seismic pattern in the growing Seismic Chart reveals that the seismic and new volcanic eruption events are becoming more intertwined and connected with each Earth orbit cycle, as the deep magma plume activity is spreading from Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire to encompass the entire world.
ChirinkotanKuril Islands (Russia)New
Erta AleEthiopiaNew
EtnaSicily (Italy)New
TakawanghaAndreanof Islands (USA)New
UnnamedTonga IslandsNew
Earth saw five new volcanic eruption events with focus on the deep magma plume arm reaching from Indonesia through the Philippines, Japan, Kamchatka and towards Alaska reaching south and reaching down below the bulging Cascadia Subduction Zone raising suspicions that the formation has already turned south on the way to converging with the southern magma wave arm terminating near the coast of Mexico. The Tonga Islands eruption is connected to intensification of deep magma plume activity contained within the contracting buoyancy barriers causing the horn formations to rise and fall with the deep magma plume waves crisscrossing back and forth generating higher magma pressures between the Earth transition zone and Earth crust with displaced magma seeking a pressure-relief mechanism found in regional volcanoes.
Click on the EQuake3D Image for a demonstration of what happens moving towards the end of the earth change lull period where the deep magma plume buoyance barriers tighten up, as you see magma plume arm terminal end is attempting to push through Gibraltar; but the earthquake event magnitudes are much lower than what we typically see moving through the earth change uptick periods. The three moderate earthquake events you see along the mid-Atlantic Ridge is more evidence that the deep magma plume activity within the constricting buoyancy barriers is attempting to give direction to the extended terminal ends, even moving through the latter stages of the current earth change lull period representing a telltale sign of what is coming with the earth change uptick period running from the middle of February into May 2017. The Ethiopian new volcanic eruption event comes with a 5.2 earthquake event (USGS), but notice that there are no smaller precursor quake events or aftershocks indicating that the seismic trigger came from ‘below’ Earth crust associated with deep magma plume uplifting connected to the fourth deep magma plume arm reaching from Indonesia around Africa turning north to meet with the third deep magma plume arm reaching from Indonesia across Nepal and Southern Europe through Gibraltar to terminate at the mid-Atlantic Ridge. The new volcanic eruption event in Italy is connected to the deep magma plume activity within the third arm where deep magma plume rebounding has continued on a smaller scale throughout the current earth change lull period that is not typical of previous orbit cycles pointing to a well-pronounced change in the global tectonic/volcanic dynamic.
The magnetic North Pole continues to trail behind last year’s position by the same 12 degrees we see in the Seismic Chart since the Project Black Star Investigation began in January 2011 and appears to be locked in with this pattern showing itself for the last nine months or so providing strong evidence that the 188-day cycle has been in effect from the beginning. My expectation was that the magnetic North Pole migration data would be incorporated into the Binary Star Magnetic Repulsion Modeling showing us a 3-degree differential representing the 3 days between the nearside-alignment quake events from 2015 (7.8 Nepal on April 25) and 2016 (7.0 Vanuatu), but this is not the case at all. Remember that the big change in the Chandler Wobble ( story) came in 2005 a year after the big change in the Schumann Resonance in June 2004 (report) in combination with the release of the Russian Grim Report (link) all covered in my recent Black Star News Update Report (video) helping many to connect the dots.
The leading explanation for the 12-degree delay pattern showing up in the magnetic North Pole migration chart is that the Black Star is moving the same 12 degrees left in the orbit diagram having an arm-wrestling contest with the Sun for Earth magnetic polarity control having nothing to do with shifting Earth metals. If the predictive model utilizing this data turns out to be correction (10 to 15 percent chance), then the 188-day cycle has been in effect all along and Earth is vulnerable to a Black Star/magnetically-induced geological pole shift around May 20, 2017. The Binary Star Magnetic Repulsion modeling data says Earth will see another nearside-alignment quake event in the first week of May 2017 giving us another orbit cycle to prepare for what is coming from space.
My investigation into what really happened on the weekend of January 14/15, 2017 was terminated this week, before definitive conclusions could be established amid conflicting statements coming from the parties that met for a Meet/Greet session at a local restaurant and those showing up to inspect our staging area property particularly on that Sunday. What we do know is that those surveying the property on Sunday discovered a cave entrance with a side passageway leading to what appeared to be a mine with quartz/crystal deposits that was the ‘surprise’ in Rosemary’s final email to me written on that Sunday evening at the airport, which is the final email I received from Rosemary. The bottom line here is that Tom’s Financial/Land Acquisition Committee was supposed to be sequestered allowing the land purchasing phase of the operation to be finalized, before Group members were given access to the property. The Meet/Greet activities were combined with the land purchasing activities where Rosemary invited parties outside Tom’s Committee to survey the property that included at least one WSO administrator that has since left the Group being unwilling to answer questions about why he and his Cuban associate Miguel were invited to survey the property during land acquisition negotiations.
The LLC partnership agreement including investor Group members was never finalized ‘before’ these land acquisition activities were taking place giving Rosemary free reign to do pretty much anything she wanted, as our investor crew was not represented in the land acquisition process leaving the Group no recourse; except to hold the empty bag. The realization dawned that my inquiries to Group members required to resolve the case to fulfill my oversight responsibilities were exacerbating and escalating the tensions between Group members forcing me to terminate the investigation to simply move on. We are talking about crucial events connected to the most-critical phase of the Ozarks Survival Group operation that secures the staging area property, but I became aware that something was amiss almost two weeks after the fact; leading to the realization that I have been kept out of the information/communication loop for far too long to consider myself the Group leader.
Don’s timely email came across my desk at the key moment when these realizations were being made suggesting that I leave survival group operations to those engaged in the daily activities to focus full attention on running the Project Black Star Investigation doing the research required for making the newsletter, video and radio show presentations for waking more people up about what is coming from space and the need to prepare and join the Survival Group Program. This has been my desire all along and especially when going through recent health issues with walking pneumonia and trying to run the investigation and newsletter program and watch over survival group operations that became a series of impossible tasks for a single human being. These series of revelations allowed me to realize that the old program has become antiquated requiring changes that better reflect the time and workload required for running the newsletter, video/radio show programs and the survival group programs.
Thus far receiving threat assessment information and being connected to the survival group programs have been a benefit of all newsletter subscribers for just 25 dollars per year, but the reality is that the workload associated with the growing survival group programs requires much more time and effort than in the early years of this investigation. Starting this coming week, those interested in purchasing a one-year newsletter subscription will pay the same 25 dollars per year as from the beginning. This gives subscribers assess to all the newsletters from 2012-2018 using the Dropbox Folders allowing them to correspond with me using the special Gmail email account with selected  QandA content being posted in the weekly newsletters for helping others. Those wanting threat assessment reports for being connected to the survival group programs will pay 45 dollars per year for a one-year newsletter subscription and the additional services associated with connecting to the survival group programs. Subscribers already working within the survival group programs pay no extra fee being grandfathered in based their project support from previous years, but canceling your subscription will require you to join the new members coming to the survival group program for 45 dollars per year should you wish to restart your subscription.
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