SOLAR SHOCKWAVE from The Sun Impacts Earth creates Very Deep M8.2 Earthquake hits Fiji region, two M6+ aftershocks
A solar shockwave impacted Earth at 04:25;38 UT on 08/19/18 triggering a Mega Quake that was over 560km deep.  The shockwave came from a series of large coronal holes that were Earth-facing for the last several days.

As the shockwave sped toward Earth at over 1 million MPH+ it picked up more speed with a burst of 1,829,814 MPH

A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M8.2 hit Fiji region at 00:19 UTC (12:19 local time) on August 19, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 563.4 km (350 miles). EMSC is reporting M8.2 at a depth of 558 km (346 miles). This earthquake can have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability. According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 272.5 km (169.3 miles) E of Levuka (population 8 360), 330.6 km (205.4 miles) SE of Labasa (population 27 949), and 364.8 km (226.7 miles) E of…


A BMW is halfway submerged in floodwaters on the northbound 5 Freeway at Lankershim Boulevard in Sun Valley on Friday, Feb. 17, 2017.
Several Southern California roads were shut down due to the storm conditions.

  • Both sides of the 5 Freeway at Sheldon Street in Sun Valley were temporarily shut down as big rigs and other vehicles struggled to move through floodwaters on the road. By Friday night, one lane was back open in each direction, Caltrans officials said.

  • Burbank police also closed the northbound Buena Vista on-ramp to the 5 Freeway due to flooding. It was unclear how long the closure would last. Traffic was reduced to two lanes on the northbound 5 at Alameda Avenue in Burbank due to a sink hole on the highway.

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