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This is an article in a series about Planet X / Nibiru and the Apocalypse as told in the Book of Revelation. In this article, we continue to follow the established timeline and apply the key to decode the book’s message.
A reader pointed out to me I changed the format in the previous article and I had incorrectly referred to the scripture as “Apocalypse,” instead of “Revelation.” It is true the format changed, but the new format is still correct. In Greek, the word Apocalypse means “an uncovering” or “Revelation.” In Greek, the title of the book is Apocalypse. In modern culture, we make a distinction between the two words that is incorrect. We see Revelation as a book in the Bible. And we see Apocalypse as the end of the world. The terms are in fact synonyms. The revelation is meant to uncover the true meaning behind this so-called end. Hence, the Apocalypse.
Apocalypse original text
Apocalypse 8:8 And the second messenger sounded, and as it were a mountain great with fire burning was cast into the sea; and became the third of the sea, blood;
Apocalypse 8:9 and died the third of the creatures of the in the sea, things having souls; and the third of the ships was destroyed.
Apocalypse 8:10 And the third messenger sounded, and fell from the heaven a star great burning like a lamp, and it fell on the third of the rivers, and on the fountains of the waters.
Apocalypse 8:11 And the name of the star is called the Wormwood; and became the third of the waters into wormwood; and many of the men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.
Apocalypse 8:12 And the fourth messenger sounded, and was smitten the third of the sun and the third of the moon and the third of the stars, so that might be darkened the third of them, and the day not might shine the third of herself, and the night in like manner.
Modern translation
A large volcano is going to erupt and fall into the ocean. The resulting devastation will be significant. A third of the fish and ships will be destroyed. A meteorite will hit Earth. The meteorite itself will be made of wormwood or will hit an area that releases a significant amount of wormwood into the environment. This contaminates the water supply in a large area, killing many people. Meteorites will strike both the sun and the moon and the sky will be darkened for eight hours, meaning it will take eight hours to transpire or the spin of the Earth will be modified to lose eight hours of rotation.
Wormwood: a European plant (Artemisia absinthium) that has silvery silky-haired leaves and drooping yellow flower heads and yields a bitter dark green oil used in absinthe.
One could imagine that an event like this will also have a devastating impact on the satellites man has in orbit around Earth. I would think most of them will be destroyed. Only a few military satellites with the ability to protect themselves from space debris will survive. Google “laser ablation space debris” for more information.
Apocalypse original text
Apocalypse 8:13 And I saw and I heard one eagle flying in mid-heaven, saying with a voice great: Woe, woe, woe to those dwelling on the earth, from the remaining sounds of the trumpet of the three messengers of those being about to sound.
Modern translation
A single US communications satellite is left to report the damage.
I believe the governments of the world will deceive the population by claiming the events were caused by nuclear war, rather than Planet X. War will be declared as part of the cover-up. The world will be put under martial law.


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