November 25, 2017
Reports have been circulating across most of the media in regards to “mystery booms + rumbles” showing up across the Country (and the world), particular reports surfacing over the past days of “booms in Alabama”.
The so-called booms are not only being reported in Alabama but at multiple locations across the North American plate.  In all actuality, over the past few weeks, since the end of October, a series of “booms” have been reported shaking whole regions along the North American Craton.
In the past three weeks, multiple reports of widespread rumbling were reported across states including New JerseyAlabamaColorado, and Southern California near San Diego.
Quote one of many articles on the topic:
“Residents in Alabama were shaken Tuesday afternoon when a mysterious boom jolted the central part of the state. reported that NASA scientists were stumped, but reported that evidence points to a sonic boom from an aircraft or a meteor.”
In light of the multiple reports of “mystery booms”, the time for a repeat of the explanation of these booms has again arrived.  How many times must this willful ignorance on the part of the professionals be endured?
We must first make note that after the booms reported a day ago, today a rare M2.1 earthquake has struck in Alabama.  Quite simply put, the two events (boom + earthquake) must be related to one another.
2017-11-25 10:06:36 UTC
34.556°N   87.165°W
3.4 km depth
Each location struck by “booms” also just so happened to be locations which earthquake forecasts were issued for directly.
The locations experiencing booms, and rumbles all reside upon the edge of the North American Craton.
If you would like to know more about how the North American plate is being displaced, begin here.
New Jerseys “boom” location was named for movement in the weekly forecast issued just days before the booms occurred.  In the same earthquake forecast issued for New Jersey, Southern California was named for new seismic activity to strike near San Diego.   Then, a few days after warning San Diego, again the USGS reports “booms” in place of earthquakes.
This very same “boom” scenario has also now happened in Alabama and Colorado.  Both Alabama, and Colorado were named for earthquake activity this week, and when the earthquakes strike, the USGS changes the event to be a “boom”.
Summed up, the mystery booms are not a mystery if you’ve been paying attention, nor are they “booms”.  We called out the USGS, and the false reports of “sonic booms” on November 9, 2017.
The vibrations being felt, and heard are shallow fractures which are occurring on the edge of the Craton due to compression coming from the West.   The compression is causing sudden breaks in the ancient plate boundary along the edge of the craton, which apparently gives a single shockwave similar to an explosion.
The single sudden fracture of the craton edge causes a shockwave which spreads across the region affected and causes an audible explosion to be heard by humans due to the shallow nature of the bends in the plate.
If someone was very enterprising, they might want to check the GPS elevation measurements around the areas being hit by these explosive sounding fractures in the plate.
I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that a rise (or fall) is occurring along the bends in the craton edge going up the East Coast from the Southern States like Alabama.


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