NOAA forecasters say there is a 55% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on Nov. 29th when a CME is expected to sideswipe Earth's magnetic field. The solar storm cloud was hurled in our approximate direction by an exploding magnetic filament on Nov. 25th. The CME could reach Earth at about the same time as a solar wind stream flowing from a fissure in the sun's atmosphere.

The solar wind is flowing from this long, narrow coronal hole at speeds exceeding 550 km/s (1.2 million mph). It is possible that the CME will act like a snowplow, scooping up material in the solar wind stream before it reaches Earth. This would allow it to jolt our planet's magnetosphere with a load of extra mass. On the other hand, the solar wind stream might follow the CME, adding its own impulse later. 

Solar wind flowing from this minor coronal hole should reach Earth on Nov. 28-29. Credit: SDO/AIA


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