Mysterious triangle looking like a cloaked craft appears in the sky over Kansas City, Missouri, Miami, Florida and Canada
This huge triangle was observed in the sky over Kansas City, Missouri, then on August 8, 2018, while driving south along the I-35 highway. What could this be? The strange shape in the clouds was observed for 3 minutes by the eyewitness.
As he drove out of the highway to the north, the mysterious shadow (of an unidentified flying object?) also disappeared behind the trees on the horizon.
This video of the strange sky phenomenon was submitted by the witness: Video Player 00:00


michael janitch


November 29, 2017
Over the past four days (since our last article posted here on the website), a noteworthy increase in deep earthquake activity has taken place.
The number of deep seismic events is now nearing a full dozen in less than a week.

Above: November 29, 2017 — Six full days of earthquake activity M4.0+ internationally, and M2.0+ in the United States shows major deep earthquake activity (deep earthquakes seen raised high off the globe for identification purposes). Each deep earthquake is capable of causing shallower, larger movement within days. When multiple deep earthquakes occur, they have a combined effect, causing even larger movement as a result of the pressure pushing up on the undersides of the plates.

An increase in deep earthquake activity usually results with an increase in large shallow(er) earthquakes which strike nearby areas within days.
Our nightly earthquake update video talked at length about the deep earthquakes occurring, and what to expect over the next several days.
Watch the most current video update on the seismic situation here:
As it was mentioned above, deep earthquakes usually lead to shallower larger earthquakes within days to a week of the deep event occurring.
The threshold we have a place to define a deep earthquake is 200km depth.  If an earthquake strikes at 200km (or deeper) we then watch the surrounding region(s) for shallower larger earthquakes measuring at least 1-2 magnitudes greater than the original deep event which set the area into motion.
If you are curious about the deep earthquakes, or their resulting larger earthquake reactions, start by watching this video.
It is always important to remember, have an earthquake plan, and be ready just in case.
Don’t be scared, be prepared.
If you don’t already have an earthquake plan, then I suggest you begin by starting with what the government recommends for people who are in a major seismic event.

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