Arrested for DUI even if YOUR STONE SOBER
DRIVERS BEWARE of The Police State, IT'S HERE!

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A chilling report out of Cobb County, Georgia, suggests that police are arresting drivers for drug-based DUI even though those drivers are stone cold sober.
The report from WTLX tells the story of three motorists who were pulled over by Cobb County Police Officer T.T. Carroll on suspicion of DUI. Carroll, who is one of 250 Georgia police officers to receive special “Drug Recognition Expert Training”, arrested all three motorists for DUI even though they passed a Breathalyzer test for alcohol and did not have drugs in their possession. All three of the motorists would later be exonerated when their blood tests came back negative for drug use.
Carroll’s Drug Recognition Expert Training taught him to make observations about a suspect’s physical state and behavior that would indicate that he or she is intoxicated by one of seven types of drugs.
One of the motorists asked Carroll during her DUI arrest: ““How can you look at somebody and say marijuana?”
Officer Carroll replied: “Because of the totality of the circumstances and a lot of things — and there are involuntary responses of the body that we can observe that have suggested impairment of marijuana, okay.”
Officers who have received Drug Recognition Expert Training are in law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Georgia.


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