Is the Ramapo Fault waking up? M5.1 earthquake downgraded to M4.1 quake felt from New York City to Baltimore

An M5.1 earthquake downgraded to a M4.1 (USGS) or M4.6 (EMSC) tremor hit Delaware on November 30, 2017. The quake was felt across the east coast of the United States, from New York City to Baltimore. The USGS initially reported the magnitude at 5.1. But was then downgraded to a weak M4.1 by the USGS. The quake, which hit at 4:45 p.m. Thursday was centered about 6 miles east-northeast of Dover, Delaware.
More than 6500 reports have been left by baffled witnesses on the USGS homepage. Among others, people reported house shakings for about 10 seconds, windows rattling, and loud but deep thundering noises or booms. Here some testimonies of the quake. There are no tsunami warnings or threats.
I don’t know what the USGS is trying to hide there… But well, a pretty strong earthquake (for the region) unexpectedly hit Delaware on November 30, 2017… Just a few miles away from the Ramapo fault.


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