Pacific Northwest Coast Battered by 60-Foot-Tall Waves

  • Waves reached up to 60 feet tall over the weekend in the Pacific Northwest.
  • A man is presumed dead after being swept away by a wave in Oregon.
  • Ground shaking from the wind and waves was recorded by seismic stations in British Columbia.
Waves reached up to 60 feet tall as they battered much of the coast in the Pacific Northwest over the weekend.
Buoys off the Pacific coast recorded the soaring heights of the waves, according to the National Weather Service.
The power of the waves and wind even caused ground shaking that was picked up by seismic stations along British Columbia’s coast, Natural Resources Canada seismologist John Cassidy tweeted.
People flocked to social media to post photos and videos of the massive tidal surges.

Another photo from Cape Disappointment -- almost literal for Dave Steckler, whose camera bag washed away during one intrusive wave. He managed to track it down.

Look at that guy! I know I wouldn’t be right there taunting the 20-40 foot waves along the Oregon & Washington coastline. The surge pushed into some streets. Westport, WA 📹: @komonews

BIG waves on the Oregon coast yesterday. Here’s the Tillamook lighthouse being owned by the Pacific Ocean. Photo by Peterson Photography.

On Jan. 18, 46-year-old Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Alvarez was swept away by waves in Depoe Bay, Oregon, the Associated Press reported.
Alvarez was reportedly climbing on rocks in the bay when a large wave came in. A search team was sent out to look for the man for several hours, but "negative results" ended the search about 12 hours after he was initially reported missing. Officials presume he is dead.


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