Sydney Experiences Hottest Day 

since 1939:  47.3 °C - 117 °F

Sydney experiences hottest day since 1939: 47.3 °C (117 °F)

A short, sharp burst of very hot desert air hit South Australia and the southeastern States over the weekend forcing authorities to issue total fire bans and health advisories. 
The brunt of the heat took Penrith, west of Sydney where Sunday's temperatures (January 7) reached 47.3 °C (117 °F) at 15:25 local time, just shy of the record-high temperature of 47.8 °C (118 °F) Sydney recorded in 1939.
The temperature was confirmed by New South Wales BOM, according to preliminary live data from the weather station there.
Some 7 000 homes across the New South Wales were left without power Sunday, partly because of the heat.
Total fire bans remain in effect in the greater Sydney area after some 50 bushfires ignited across the state on Saturday, destroying several homes.
Residents are urged to take plenty of water and limit their outdoor exposure.
Featured image: Wind and temperature at 06:00 UTC on January 7, 2018. Credit:


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