The US strategic objective of regime change in Syria is foiled once again.

Russian Military Intelligence has recently managed to intercept 2 truckloads (entering Syria from Turkey); the trucks supposedly contained a shipment of medical supplies and had a load of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) aluminum cases containing stacks of $100 dollar bills. The total amount is estimated to have exceeded one billion US dollars.

The Russians are sure that this “shipment”, compliments of Uncle Sam, was going to the US supported branch of ISIS in Syria in order to help them re-group and continue to fight the Syrian army from the US controlled border strip between Syria and Iraq. So much for American claims of promoting democracy and freedom.

The Syrian government and its allies are probably grateful for this generous US donation (at the expense of the US taxpayer) that could be used to help rebuild Syria. After all, it was the US and their terrorist proxies that destroyed Syria in the first place. Ahhh, the irony!


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