Two shallow earthquakes (M4.0, M4.3) hit northern Vancouver Island within 10 minutes right along the Cascadia subduction zone

Two shallow earthquakes have struck off the northern coast of Vancouver Island within 10 minutes on January 14, 2017. The first tremor (M4.0) occurred at 10:54 a.m.. About 10 minutes later, a 4.3-magnitude earthquake struck in the same area. The epicentre for both quakes was 159 kilometers west of Port Hardy, at a depth of 10 kilometers. Seismologists do not expect it to have been felt on the Island.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very active region. It’s a part of the plate margin, the region between the Pacific plate and North American plate where we see hundreds of earthquakes each year. The earthquake waves tend to lose quite a bit of energy as they travel from the oceanic plates onto the continental plate, onto Vancouver Island.

Juan de Fuca Triple Junctions and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, 2 earthquakes (M4.0 and M4.3) hit off Vancouver Island along the Cascadia Fault Zone on January 14 2018, 2 earthquakes (M4.0 and M4.3) hit off Vancouver Island along the Cascadia Fault Zone on January 14 2018 map

Nearby Places
Direction data (below) indicate the position of the event relative to the place.
Tofino, Canada
323.6 km (201.1 mi) WNWPopulation: 1,655
Campbell River, Canada
324.3 km (201.5 mi) WNWPopulation: 33,430
Courtenay, Canada
353.5 km (219.7 mi) WNWPopulation: 32,793
Powell River, Canada
376.8 km (234.1 mi) WNWPopulation: 12,779
Victoria, Canada
523.2 km (325.1 mi) WNWPopulation: 289,625


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