Earth's Magnetic Flip and what it means for Human Civilization

Earth's magnetic flip and what it means for human civilization

Earth's magnetic field has flipped many times throughout history and is now on its way toward another reversal. While the topic was highly controversial in the 20th century, numerous studies over the past decades have proven this as a fact, that it's happening now and even suggested it can flip very quickly, within a human lifetime.
How far are we from the actual flip is hard to tell but there are signs that suggest we are well on its way and speeding toward it. It's also hard to say what exactly this means for human life on Earth simply because there is no one alive today who lived through the last one. However, as we move forward toward the next flip, more and more things are becoming painfully obvious - like the weather.
New evidence indicates that the intensity of Earth's magnetic field is decreasing 10 times faster than normal, leading some to believe it could happen in a not that distant future. We don't have directly visible documented catastrophes associated with past reversals, but its very safe to assume that a reversal could at least wreak havoc with our electrical grid, generating currents that might take it down. What happens after that should be obvious to anyone who stops to think about it for a few minutes.
While we wrote about it many times over the past couple of years, long before it hit mainstream media like we see over the past week or so, here's a great recap and more in a video format presented by Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers.
Take a few minutes of your daily schedule and listen to what he has to say. If the topic resonates with you, there are several more videos in the playlist you should watch.
Featured image credit: ESA


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