If you deny Chemtrailing and GeoEngineering, it can only mean:

  1. You have never seen a real sky with real clouds before. 
  2. You are too conditioned and too dumbed down to see.
  3. Lack connection between eyes and brain.
  4. Your brain if not functioning properly.
  5. You are playing the willfully ignorant.
  6. Suffer from cognitive dissonance.
  7. You are paid to lie.
Reno Nevada 2018-02-02
Report From Iron Mountain


Hurricane Michael evacuee spots trapped uncle's H-E-L-P message on NOAA satellite map

Red Alert in France, Massive Flash Floods leave at least 6 dead, schools closed, and roads washed out!

Cyclone "Titli" aftermath: Trail of Destruction, Dozens Dead and missing

2 months' worth of rain in one night floods southern France, the death toll in Europe rises to 18

Ex-Hurricane Michael Expected to Hit NW Spain Tomorrow Morning,

Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland Turns Bloody; American Flag Saved From Flames

19-mile-long crack has opened up on the vulnerable Antarctic coast.