Planet X Researcher Photographic Evidence Captured by European Whistle Blowers

In October of 2016, I received 2 different emails from 2 different gentlemen in Europe. Both of them were subscribers to my Youtube Channel. 

Both of them had backgrounds in Astronomy and both were retired professors. Neither of them ever told me the subject that they taught, however, they definitely had science backgrounds. 

Both gentlemen knew I was on to something and they sent me these photos. These telescopic photos match all of our current observations of this object we refer to as Planet X even though we now realize it is a stellar remnant of an old star, such as a Brown Dwarf. 

These objects possess very strong Magnetic Fields and they are now affecting our planet and the proof is mounting. 

I thought I would share these with all of you. Some of you may not have seen these images before...Here's your chance!


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