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NASA says 5 ‘close’ asteroid flybys will take place today 4/29/18
The Earth will experience a number of (relatively) close calls in one day, as NASA reports that an alarming total of five asteroids will hurtle towards – but happily not quite at – our planet.
The series of space rock flybys begins at 10:29 UTC Sunday as asteroid 2013 US3, traveling at a respectable 7.69 km/s (27,646 kph) with a diameter of between 160-360 meters whizzes past us. For comparison, the Eiffel Tower measures 324 meters from ground to tip. Next up are asteroids 2018 GO4 and 2018 GY1, which are expected to scream past us at 12:34 and 18:20 UTC respectively. Asteroid 2018 GO4 measures approximately 30-68 meters (between three and six school buses in diameter) and have a brisk pace of 8.57 km/s. Meanwhile, 2018 GY1, on the other hand, won’t be hanging around our neck of the galactic woods for long given that it travels at a whopping 16.69 km/s, despite measuring 100 and 230 meters in diameter. Closing the day’s …
Another 2-kilometer crack opens up in Kenya swallowing up crops and farms
A month after a huge crack was reported in Kenya’s Rift Valley, another two-kilometre fault line has cracked open on Monday on the outskirts of Naivasha town in Nakuru County where farms have been swallowed. At least 16 families have moved to safe grounds as several acres of crops were destroyed by the crack that was filled with water believed to be from rains in other parts of the country.
The heavy rains pounding this region have contributed in a way to the fissure … It’s a 20-foot deep crack that runs across several agricultural farms. The families were asked to leave primarily for their safety,” said Naivasha assistant county commissioner Joseph Opondo on Tuesday. He added that a team of engineers and experts are assessing the situation as roads and a major river have also been affected. The cracks started opening up last month in Kenya with a huge earth crater in Narok County believed to have been caused by…
Hot magma plume found more than 1,800 miles underneath Yellowstone Supervolcano
Researchers have found evidence of a hot magma mantle plume underneath Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano hotspot. Some scientists argue the plume is providing the heat for Yellowstone and its hot springs. The plume reaches from the Earth’s core-mantle boundary to the base of Yellowstone’s crust.
Underneath Yellowstone National Park lies a massive supervolcano and researchers believe they have gotten their clearest picture yet of its hotspot. Yellowstone’s hotspot is situated within our planet’s mantle, and scientists believe it is part of a surge of atypically hot rock known as a mantle plume. They are thought to begin some 1,850 miles below Earth’s surface at the boundary separating the mantle from the core. And the vast mantle plume is stretching from the Yellowstone Supervolcano to Mexico! The scientists used an imaging technique known as seismic tomography and discovered a plume reaching from the…
3 mystery objects filmed dancing past moon (VIDEO) April 22nd, 2018
A space enthusiast who was recently filming the moon was left baffled when three mystery objects floated past it. He posted the video on YouTube, asking viewers a simple question – “WTF?” The video begins with the camera focused on the moon and its signature craters. However, at the 1:18 mark, three strange objects can be seen dancing past the moon. It happens quickly, and they rapidly disappear out of frame. But their appearance was enough to leave the man intrigued and confused. So confused that he titled his video ‘WTF did I capture passing the moon?’ He believes it was most likely helium balloons that someone released, but admits the theory cannot be confirmed. Others commented that they agreed with the balloon logic, while some suggested they could have been meteorites. One person nonchalantly responded with “Oh you know, just aliens probably.” The video was filmed during the half moon on April 22 and was posted …
Amazon fixes Alexa bug that let Echo keep listening
Amazon's Echo speakers featured a bug that meant the speaker continued to listen to its surroundings.
Security researchers found a way to make the device continue listening long after it should have switched off. Amazon said this would not allow the recordings to be passed to hackers but would have stayed with Amazon itself. Amazon Echo speakers listen out for the word "Alexa", the name of its voice assistant, before completing a command, like "Alexa, read tell me today's news". Any interaction with Alexa is recorded to improve the service, but once the command is finished, Alexa stops recording. But security researchers from Checkmarx developed an Alexa Skill that would keep Alexa listening long after it should have switched itself off and automatically transcribe what it hears for an attacker. When an Alexa skill completes its task it is supposed to stop listening. However, sometimes Alexa doesn't hea…
Is NASA lying about the moon? SHOCK claim moon is 3KM from Earth
A SHOCKING video exploring the surface of the moon in crisp detail has stunned the world with claims we have been deceived and the moon is about two to three kilometers from Earth. and flat Earther Allan Nielsen claims to have exposed the monumental truth about the actual distance from the moon to Earth with nothing more than a handheld camera. It is a well established scientific fact the moon averages a distance of around 384,400 km from the surface of the planet, but conspiracists still fiercely debate this. Mr. Nielsen’s crackpot theory has now shortened this gap down to a distance the average person walks in less than an hour. The conspiracy theory YouTuber said: “Can anybody explain to me how it can be the moon seems so close? “Because this is not what we’ve been taught in school.” But how did the YouTuber come to this shocking discovery he is convinced is real? In order to calculate the distance …
Solar Cycle 24 declining more quickly than forecast
Current solar cycle 24 is declining more quickly than forecast, NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) reports. The smoothed, predicted sunspot number for April to May 2018 is about 15. However, the actual monthly values have been lower, they say. Will solar minimum be longer than usual or might solar cycle 25 begin earlier? Leading solar and space science experts will convene a meeting in the coming years and attempt to predict solar cycle 25. The 'official' solar cycle forecast includes the month, year, and intensity of that maximum (peak, average sunspot number). The consensus forecast is the result of collaboration by a solar cycle prediction panel of solar and space scientists from around the world. Typically, the panel considers all new, relevant research results, observation trends, and model predictions available when the panel is convened. Just like hurricane season forecasts, solar cycle predictions have i…
Why Jupiter is closest on May 10
May 10, 2018 – the planet Jupiter is closest to Earth for this year. Yet the night of May 8-9 was Jupiter’s opposition, when Earth flew between Jupiter and the sun, placing Jupiter opposite the sun in our sky. You’d think Jupiter should be closest to Earth right at opposition … and yet it wasn’t. It’s closest to Earth for 2018 today, May 10 at 12 UTC, coming to within 409 million miles (658 million km). Jupiter was at opposition on May 9 at 1 UTC. Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth for the year always falls on or near its opposition date. Why near? Why not always on the date of opposition? The reason is that the orbits of Earth and Jupiter aren’t perfect circles, and, moreover, their orbits aren’t exactly on the same exact plane. They’re both very nearly circular, and go around the sun on almost the same plane, but not quite. Jupiter’s distance from the sun varies by only about 10.1% between perihelion (closest point to sun) and aphelion(most distant…
Many sky watchers have witnessed a halo around the sun--a single ring of light that surrounds the solar disk at a radius of 22 degrees. The phenomenon is caused by pencil-shaped ice crystals in cirrus clouds that bend sunlight. On April 26th, Harlan Thomas of Bowness, Alberta, witnessed rare concentric halos:
"I was working in the yard doing spring cleaning when I saw these most unusual halos around the sun," says Thomas. "I have really never seen multiple halos around the sun before. It was so funny. I was running around on the street looking for the right tree to block the sun, and people were asking what I was looking at. At first, they couldn't see it--then it was Wow what is that!?"


Project Cloverleaf and Chemtrails
NASA image shows an intricate web of chemtrails over the US
Chemical incapacitants have been developed that affect the mental functions of the mind in various ways. Today, research and deployment continues of chemical and radioactive substances that can control people. One of the methods that chemical and radioactive materials work is to change genetic structures. Some of the genetic changes that can be created chemically, are chemical changes that affect the way the mind thinks. In a nutshell, we are looking at a situation where the thinking of an entire race could be altered via chemicals dropped into their air and water. How long would these genetic changes last? It is conceivable that some of the changes might have long range consequences. Again, the bottom line is that the World Order has at its disposal radioactive substances that can distributed in conjunction with chemicals to mind-control large geographic regions by genetic manipulation. These…