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Climate Change Poses ‘Immediate’ Threat to California
There are many reasons—rooted in culture, politics, and economy—that California has become a leader in the fight against global warming. One reason is increasingly obvious: The people who live there are being hit harder than ever by the costly effects of climate change. "From record temperatures to proliferating wildfires and rising seas, climate change poses an immediate and escalating threat to California's environment, public health, and economic vitality," a comprehensive state climate change assessment issued Wednesday by the California Environmental Protection Agency says. Report: Climate Change Poses ‘Immediate’ Threat to California via @weatherchannel — NIBIRU PLANET X (@NIBIRUPLANETX16) May 31, 2018
From: PAUL OKPARAJI: Abuja Nigeria. From The Front Of My House, My Son Called My Attention To This Novel Scenery. This Is About 6:00 PM: And The Sun Is Setting On This 27th Day Of May 2018. I Don't Know What To Say Of This! Except that it took about 20 to 30mins to disappear into the emerging darkness of the night sky and I have not seen the likes of this; never in my life. It might have only lasted for just about 12 mins but No, now that am thinking about it, maybe more and my son thinks there were Angels (what we call Anunuchi {anunaki}(God's Birds) in root Hebrew School of Divinity on it, just that we could not see them and It has troubled me since then.
The ISIS flag on the streets of London, Muslims calling for jihad against America, Jews and "crusaders"
With the ISIS flag on streets of London, Muslims calling for jihad against America, Jews and "crusaders". This is not in Tehran, this is in London!
The results of the Islamization project of the regressive-left giving its fruits now in the West.
And you still talking about Islamophobia?

NRA spokeswoman accuses media of 'creating' mass shooters with extensive coverage
National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch on Friday accused the media of "creating" mass shooters by extensively covering suspected perpetrators. "[The media] has got to stop creating more of these monsters by oversaturation," Loesch said on NRA TV. "I’m not saying don’t responsibly report on things as they happen," she continued. "I understand it. But constantly showing the image of the murderer, constantly saying their name, is completely unnecessary." Loesch pointed to a number of past school shootings in which the suspects referenced the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado either in writings or social media posts.

Loesch weighed in on the topic on the day a gunman opened fire at a high school near Houston, killing at least 10 people and wounding 10 others. The accused shooter was identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzi…
A Graphical comparison of seismic energy release in Hawaii
On May 4, 2018, the largest earthquake in 43 years struck Hawaii 'I with a magnitude of 6,9 in the region on the island of Hawai' I (the "Great Island").

This animation places this earthquake in a historical context by comparing its magnitude to that of other earthquakes that have hit these islands over the last 150 years. The timing of the moment is proportional to the total energy release of an earthquake so that every increase in the whole number represents an increase of about 32 times the energy release.

For example, an earthquake m7 releases about 32 times more energy than an earthquake m6. in this animation, the circle of an earthquake m7 about 32 times the surface of an earthquake M6. Each circle is also labeled for Show its magnitude, location and year when it happened. The animation reveals that three earthquakes are known for having been more important - that is, released even more energy - than th…
Valerie Jarrett Blames Trump For Roseanne Barr's 'Racist' Tweet
By now, even the least plugged-in technophobe has heard about Roseanne Barr. The TV star said something stupid on Twitter and ABC canceled her show. What you may not have heard was the target of her jibe saying that President Trump is (somehow) to blame for Barr's supposedly racist rant. For the record, Barr on Tuesday night blamed the sleep drug Ambien (hey, it worked for Patrick Kennedy after he smashed his Ford Mustang into a barrier near Capitol Hill in the wee hours of the morning in May 2006. Funny, ABC News even ran a story back then headlined: "Kennedy's Crash Highlights Dangers of Ambien"). But keep in mind that's a Kennedy, the liberal media's all-time family of darlings. Remember when Ted Kennedy killed a girl? No biggie said the MSM. Barr also said that when she tweeted that former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett looked like the lovechild of the "Muslim Brotherhood and Pla…
The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America?
Michelle Malkin Investigates Rape gangs are ruling the streets of Germany, refusing to assimilate, and it's spreading throughout Europe. Will Europe's problems come to America?
TRUMP Jr in EXPLOSIVE defense of Tommy Robinson
The ban on mainstream media reporting on the arrest and subsequent jailing of Tommy Robinson has been lifted. Tommy who is a Father and Husband has been sentenced to 13 months in Prison for reporting outside the trial of a grooming gang at Leeds in England. Many prominent British commentators have described supporters of Robinson as ‘knuckle draggers’ and ‘thick’. One such person who did this was failed US commentator Piers Morgan who tried to build a career for himself but was roundly mocked and derided for his highly liberal positions and attempts to knock down the Presidential bid of Donald Trump. As you will see above he took twitter in his usual sneering fashion and many British people are angry. However real support has come further from home with Donald Trump Jr taking to Twitter to launch an impassioned defense of Tommy Robinson and Free Speech: With the case picking up International attention Donald Trump Jr. responded to a twe…
10,000 homes damaged after M5.7 earthquake strikes Jilin Province, China
More than 10 000 homes have been damaged after a shallow M5.7 earthquake hit China's Jilin Province at 21:50 UTC on May 27, 2018 (01:50 local time, May 28). The USGS is reporting this quake as M5.1 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). The epicenter was located 23 km (14.3 miles) WNW of Fuyu (population 138 705), 27 km (16.8 miles) NW of Songyuan (population 113 611) and 31.7 km (19.7 miles) SW of Dalai (population 93 297), China. According to reports released by Jilin Province government, more than 10 000 houses in Ningjiang have reported damage. The government has sent 90 tents, 200 beds, 70 quilts, 500 boxes of drinking water and instant noodles to the quake zone. Meanwhile, the China Earthquake Administration has launched an emergency response and sent a team of 27 experts to the area. Xinhua said residents in Ningjiang, Qianguo County and the city of Da'an felt strong tremors, and many people rushed out i…
Lightning and hailstorms claim 45 lives across India, death toll rises to at least 250
Severe storms that hit several Indian states on Monday and Tuesday, May 28 and 29, 2018, claimed at least 45 lives, officials said. The storms are just the latest in a series of unusually strong storms in India this year. The death toll since the start of the month has now reached at least 250. More than 440 people were injured. 18 people were killed and at least 12 injured in the state of Bihar where several houses were damaged and trees uprooted, trapping people. In the neighboring state of Jharkhand, 12 people were killed and at least 28 injured due to lightning.  15 people were killed in Uttar Pradesh and more than 12 injured in storm, rain and lightning-related incidents, Xinhua reports. The power supply was disrupted in many locations after storms downed trees and power poles. Officials added that hailstorm and rains destroyed many crops, including Mango, Litchi and Banana. A streak of unusual…
Evacuations after landslide compromise integrity of Lake Tahoma dam, North Carolina
Thousands of people were evacuated early Wednesday, May 30, 2018 after a landslide caused by heavy rains raised fears about the integrity of Lake Tahoma dam in North Carolina. At 06:26 EDT (10:26 UTC), the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Warning for areas downstream of Lake Tahoma (central McDowell County in western North Carolina) due to a potential imminent failure of Tahoma Dam, placing the area under a mandatory evacuation order. This emergency evacuation was issued at the recommendation of dam engineers who remain on scene to monitor the dam. Lake Tahoma Dam is currently in a Level 1 or Imminent Failure Condition. This condition will continue until the engineers have the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the dam during daylight hours. NWS GSP ✔@NWSGSP McDowell county emergency management reports water is spilling around the sides of Lake Tahoma dam. Evacuations ongoing south of the dam…
Record-breaking rains flood parts of Karnataka, 2018 Monsoon arrives with a bang
Record-breaking rains have hit parts of the Indian state of Karnataka over the past 24 hours, with up to 366.5 mm (14.4 inches) of rain within 24 hours. The Southwest Monsoon has now covered entire Kerala, most parts of Coastal Karnataka, some parts of South Interior Karnataka and some more parts of interior Tamil Nadu on May 30. It has also advanced further into some parts of central Arabian Sea. At least 3 people have been killed on May 29 and 30. Panambur in Mangalore (or Mangaluru), an Arabian Sea port and a major commercial center in the Indian state of Karnataka, received record-breaking 334 mm (13.1 inches) of rain within 24 hours to 08:30 IST, May 30, breaking the previous record of 330.8 mm (13 inches) set in 1982. Normal rainfall for the month of May for Mangaluru is 168.6 mm (6.6 inches). The highest rainfall was recorded in Chelairu, Dakshina Kannada, Mangalore at 366.5 mm (14.4 inches) over t…