The Airborne Laser May Has Risen Again Turning California Into Ashes!
The Airborne Laser program can be traced back to the Reagan years, and after billions in development dollars were spent and a custom-built 747 prototype was built, what was to be a super-weapon that could shoot down ballistic missiles over their countries of origination turned out to be a super-flop.

Now, with the drastic advances in laser capabilities over the last half-decade, the Defense Department wants to resurrect the airborne laser, albeit in a very different form. Outstream Video

Climate Change Poses ‘Immediate’ Threat to California

There are many reasons—rooted in culture, politics, and economy—that California has become a leader in the fight against global warming.
One reason is increasingly obvious: The people who live there are being hit harder than ever by the costly effects of climate change.
"From record temperatures to proliferating wildfires and rising seas, climate change poses an immediate and escalating threat to California's environment, public health, and economic vitality," a comprehensive state climate change assessment issued Wednesday by the California Environmental Protection Agency says.

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