Severe flash flood hits Ankara, described as disaster like never before, Turkey

Heavy rainfall caused severe flash floods in Turkey's capital Ankara on Saturday, May 5, 2018. More than 160 vehicles were swept away and at least 4 people injured. "It was a disaster like never before," Ankara's Mayor said.
Fast-moving floodwaters swept away around 164 vehicles and numerous large trash cans in Ankara's Mamak district, after rain that was expected to last three hours had fallen intensely in just 9 minutes. Dozens of homes and businesses were severely damaged, officials said.
"Four people have been injured and three of them are being treated at a hospital. The health condition of the injured is not serious," Labor and Social Security Minister Julide Sarieroglu said. 
Ankara's Mayor Mustafa Tuna described the event as 'a natural disaster like never before happened.'
One of the videos showed a man desperately sitting on top of his car, while the flood washed away several vehicles in Mamak's Boğaziçi neighborhood. He was later rescued.
Featured image: Flash floods hit Turkey's capital Ankara on May 5, 2018. 


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