TRUMP Jr in EXPLOSIVE defense of Tommy Robinson

The ban on mainstream media reporting on the arrest and subsequent jailing of Tommy Robinson has been lifted. Tommy who is a Father and Husband has been sentenced to 13 months in Prison for reporting outside the trial of a grooming gang at Leeds in England. Many prominent British commentators have described supporters of Robinson as ‘knuckle draggers’ and ‘thick’.
One such person who did this was failed US commentator Piers Morgan who tried to build a career for himself but was roundly mocked and derided for his highly liberal positions and attempts to knock down the Presidential bid of Donald Trump.
As you will see above he took twitter in his usual sneering fashion and many British people are angry. However real support has come further from home with Donald Trump Jr taking to Twitter to launch an impassioned defense of Tommy Robinson and Free Speech:
With the case picking up International attention Donald Trump Jr. responded to a tweet about the case and the gag order, saying it was ‘Reason #1776 for the original #Brexit.’
He ended with a striking warning as well: “Don’t let America follow in those footsteps.”
Many have called on President Trump to back Tommy’s bid for freedom and for him to speak out on his detention for speaking the truth and with Donald Jr’s intervention this may indeed happen. Support for Tommy Robinson in the UK is growing by the day and you can see from the video below just how much support Tommy is getting even outside the Prime Ministers house! (SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel when on)-


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