50,000 migrants are waiting to invade Spain from Morocco

With the numbers growing, experts point out that North Africa is turning into a migrant pressure cooker soon to explode.
Spanish newspaper El Mundo is in contact with police and judicial sources which report to them that 50,000 Sub-Saharan migrants are in the North of Morocco.
All of the migrants there are ready to cross the Strait of Gibraltar to enter Spain. Spanish authorities compare the current situation with the grand “cayucos crisis” when thousands of people arrived in the Canary Islands by any means necessary from Morocco.
Voice of Europe has already reported on Spain’s current migrant invasion, with videos of migrants arriving with boats into Spanish beaches and meeting the stunned looks of tourists.
This was the biggest entry of migrants at the Cueta border since February 2017, when 850 migrants crossed into the Spanish territory in four days
More than 700 sub-Saharan migrants on Thursday stormed the border fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in Morocco, with dozens injured in an incursion of “unprecedented violence”.
Sixteen migrants and ten officers from Spain’s Guardia Civil received hospital treatment following Thursday morning’s incident, during which the group bombarded agents with quicklime, sticks, stones, and bags of excrement as well as aerosols used as flamethrowers, the force said in a statement.
The incursion, which comes days after Spain officially overtook Italy in migrant arrivals by sea, occurred at around 6:30 am when the men used angle grinders and shears to cut through the outer and inner layers of the border fence. 
The group also bore defensive equipment such as home-made shields and body armor, the Guardia Civil said, and once through the fence continued to attack agents and security vehicles. The force later recovered “Molotov cocktails and bags of hashish”, it added. The group scrambled over the razor wire fences “all of a sudden, with much violence”, a Guardia Civil spokesperson in Ceuta said. 
The 602 migrants who crossed into Spanish territory were transported to a temporary migrant reception centre in Cueta, which had already been over capacity├é 


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