Bright meteor streaks across the night sky over Spain

Bright meteor streaks across the night sky over Spain

A bright meteor was recorded streaking across the night sky over Spain at 03:28 UTC on July 19, 2018. The event lasted up to 7 seconds before the object disintegrated.
The meteor was recorded over Andalusia at 05:28 local time. It was produced by a fragment from a comet that hit the atmosphere at about 80 000 km/h.
The fireball began at an altitude of around 95 km (59 miles) over the province of Granada and ended at a height of about 43 km (27 miles) over the province of Almeria.
The object was recorded by the meteor observing stations operating in the framework of the SMART Project from the astronomical observatories of Calar Alto, La Sagra, La Hita, Huelva and Sevilla.
The same network recorded a long-lasting fireball over the Mediterranean Sea at 02:20 UTC on July 17, 2018. That event lasted up to 12 seconds.
The fireball flew over the Mediterranean Sea, not far away from the coast of Almeria in southern Spain.
It started at about 91 km (56 miles) above sea level, moved southeastward and ended in front of the Cabo de Gata at an altitude of about 31 km (19 miles).
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