Two French rivers disappear underground in large cracks and sinkholes
The Doubs river flows normally in Franche-Comté, France. But since about a week or so, the river has totally dried up over a length of more than 1 km, between Pontarlier and Morteau, although precipitation has been abundant this winter and spring. The river has disappeared, and with it, the fauna and flora. Everything is dead. Two weeks ago, 13km of the Risle River in Normandy also disappeared underground in a large crater. According to geologists, this unprecedented event is due to large cracks and craters in the riverbed.
The cave of Remonot is located near the village of Morteau along the Doubs. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this Chapel-Cave contains miraculous water and is visited each year on August 15, 2018, the day of the Assumption. But during this year’s annual pilgrimage, the cave was dry! The first time ever! Nearby, the Doubs river is also dry. No water, just pebbles, and dead fish. Residents explain they …

California fires: 6 killed, 880+ structures destroyed and more than 37,000 people evacuated

California fires: 6 killed, 880+ structures destroyed and more than 37 000 people evacuated

California Governor Jerry Brown issued emergency proclamations for Riverside, Mariposa, Shasta, Lake, Mendocino and Napa counties over the past couple of days after raging wildfires claimed lives of 6 people, forced more than 37 000 to evacuate and destroyed hundreds of homes. 12 people are still missing.
The Carr Fire in Shasta County, currently the largest in the state, began July 23 when a vehicle suffered mechanical failure and has so far scorched 38 594 hectares (95 368 acres) of land. By late July 29 (local time), the fire was 17% contained, up from just 5% earlier in the day.
It has so far destroyed 874 structures, 657 of them homes, and damaged 175. Six people have been killed and 12 remain missing.
A total of 38 000 people have been evacuated from the county. 
Extreme fire conditions continued Sunday while firefighters worked to build control lines. Shifting winds, dry fuels, and steep drainages contributed to rapid growth. Red Flag Warning and heat advisory are in effect for the area through Monday, July 30, 08:00 local time. Crews will continue to asses the number of damaged structures as conditions allow, CalFire said.
There are more than 3 300 firefighters battling the flames with more than 330 engines and 17 helicopters.
The Carr is the largest of eight big fires burning in California, and 90 across the country,
Some experts say this has been the worst start to the fire season in 10 years, partly due to a severe drought that killed off large amounts of vegetation since 2012.
"Much of the state's vegetation reached 'explosively dry' levels," UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said.
Featured image credit: CalFire

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