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Japan to attempt robot landing on asteroid 186M miles away
Japan's space agency will attempt to land a robotic unmanned landing craft on the surface of an asteroid 300 million-kilometers (186.4 million-miles) away from Earth next month. The Hayabusa-2 spacecraft is currently orbiting around the diamond-shaped asteroid Ryugu, which it reached in June after a three-and-a-half year journey. On September 21, the spacecraft will deploy the first of two landers onto the asteroid itself, where they will gather samples and conduct experiments. A second lander will be launched on October 3. Later in the mission, the spacecraft itself will land on the asteroid after blowing a small crater in it using explosives, so samples can be gathered from below the object's surface which have not been exposed to space. According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), if successful, this will be the "world's first sample return mission to a C-type asteroid." Japanese scientis…
Asteroid 2018 QR1 flew past Earth at 0.23 LD (54,843  miles)
A newly discovered asteroid designated 2018 QR1 flew past Earth at a very close distance of 0.23 LD / 0.00059 AU (88 262 km / 54 843  miles) on August 21, 2018. This object belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It was first observed at Palomar Mountain (ZTF) in California, US, one day before its close approach. 2018 QR1 has an estimated diameter between 9.5 and 21 m (31 and 69 feet) and it flew past Earth at a speed (relative to the Earth) of 18.02 km/s at 21:10 UTC. [ Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Mission Design | Physical Parameters | Close-Approach Data ] This is the 40th known asteroid to fly by Earth within 1 lunar distance this year and the second this month. It comes 11 days after 2018 PD20. Reference Asteroid 2018 QR1 at Minor Planet Center; at CNEOS Featured image credit: CNEOS

Planet X News - Is The Moon Really The Moon? Let's See What I captured!

Planet X News - Is The Moon Really The Moon?  Let's See What I captured!

High water rescues, state of emergency follow nearly a foot of rain, flooding in Wisconsin
Heavy rain and severe storms led to life-threatening floods over Monday night into Tuesday as parts of southwestern Wisconsin woke up to dangerous conditions for the second time in August. Numerous residents were rescued from floodwaters while roads and highways were closed throughout the region. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker declared a state of emergency for Fond du Lac, Juneau, La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, and Washington Counties on Tuesday in response to the destructive flooding. Radar showed nearly 12 inches of rain in some areas, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Isaac Longley. “It all began after rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms rolled through the morning hours of Aug. 27,” Longley said. “After a break in the rain during the afternoon, a line of violent thunderstorms erupted over southern Minnesota and advanced eastward into Wisconsin, the same area where heavy rain had fallen just …
The case of five New Mexico jihadists who trained children to carry out school shootings has taken another bizarre turn after it was revealed that child abuse charges against three of the five suspects have been dropped after a screw-up. 11 counts of felony child abuse charges against three of the five suspects were dropped after the state failed to indict them within a 10-day window. A Taos County judge put the blame on the DA for failing to schedule a preliminary hearing. “There was no excuse and no reason why the District Attorney’s office could not have requested these preliminary hearings. I don’t know if they are overworked or they don’t have enough people in their office. I don’t see the district attorney here or the chief deputy district attorney, but it is disturbing to me that the district attorney would put this court in that kind of a situation,” said Judge Jeff McCelroy. McCelroy said that there was …