BREAKING NEWS: Tommy Robinson Released On Bail
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TOMMY Robinson has been released on bail.
Robinson, 35, was jailed in May for reporting on the trial of a Muslim grooming gang.
His conviction for contempt of court in Leeds has been overturned.
Two judges, Lord Chief Justice Burnett and Mrs. Justice McGowan, made the ruling.
He has been released on bail with no conditions pending a re-trial of the Leeds case.
Tommy’s official Facebook page said: “He is coming home! Thank you to everyone who has supported Tommy. We will have an update from him as soon as he walks through the gate today!”
The judge upheld the appeal and quashed the conviction from Leeds crown court due to the number of criminal procedure rules that were bypassed and broken.
Tommy will now be released on bail and in the interest of Justice Tommy needs to attend a new court hearing which will be conducted without breaking the laws.
Tommy’s page said: “Good news that they have agreed that the original trial was, in fact, a kangaroo court and prejudiced against Tommy.”
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