Farmers’ Almanac Predicts ‘Frosty’ Winter Forecast for 2018

us winter weather map 2019 fa new Farmers Almanac Predicts Frosty Winter Forecast

The Farmers’ Almanac has released it’s forecast for winter 2019, and they are describing it as “frosty” and “teeth-chattering.”
The annual forecast was released on Monday, and it doesn’t look promising.
Their forecasters predict a blast of bitterly cold air arriving in mid-February to the Ohio Valley, the Northeast/New England region, the Great Lakes, the Midwest and the Southeast.
us winter weather map 2019 fa new Farmers Almanac Predicts Frosty Winter Forecast
(Source: Farmers’ Almanac)
The Farmers’ Almanac breaks their prediction down into five major points. They include:
  • The mid-February chill, which could bring blustery winds and widespread snow showers,
  • Colder-than-normal conditions from the Continental Divide east through the Appalachians,
  • Above normal snowfall for the Great Lakes, Midwest, New England, Pacific Northwest,
  • A winter grip that just won’t want to let go, all the way up through the official start of spring,
  • And unusually snowy and/or wet conditions, which could mean ice or freezing rain, in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest.
The forecast differs from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which released their predictions last week. They are calling for a wet and warm winter, saying we should expect above-normal levels of rain, but that should mean less snow.


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