Travel Advisory Issued After 8 Bodies Found In Cancun

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The U.S. Department Of State has issued as level two travel advisory after 8 bodies were found in the resort city of Cancun.
The travel advisory warns for travelers to exercise increased caution due to crime in the area.
Violent crime such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery is widespread in Mexico the advisory warns.
Prosecutors say they have found a total of eight dead bodies on the streets of Cancun, with two bodies dumped at two spots and four others found shot to death individually.
The bodies of a man and a woman were found in an abandoned taxi Tuesday, and the dismembered bodies of two men were found in several plastic bags at another spot.
Also Tuesday, one man was found bound and shot to death. The prosecutors’ office for the state of Quintana Roo said another man was killed while lying in a hammock, yet another was found shot and covered in a plastic bag.
Details of the eighth body were not immediately available.
Though none of the killings occurred in the city’s beach-side hotel zone the State Department issued the Advisory Wednesday.
The State Department says that according to Mexico Government statistics, the Cancun area is experiencing an increase in homicide rates compared to the same period in 2016.
“While most of these homicides appeared to be targeted, criminal organization assassinations, turf battles between criminal groups have resulted in violent crime in areas frequented by U.S. citizens. Shooting incidents injuring or killing bystanders have occurred,” the State Department said on their website.


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