"BEWARE" Scammers clone Facebook accounts to con your friends

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A social media scam is making a resurgence across the country.
Scammers are cloning Facebook profiles in an attempt to con your friends.
It isn’t a hack and it isn’t identity theft, this is someone taking your public information from Facebook and not scamming you, but scamming your friends.
Facebook cloning is when a scammer takes your profile picture and information and creates an exact copy of your profile, then they send friend requests to your friends.
After your friends approve them, the scammer pretends to be you and may ask for money or send video or web links that contain viruses.
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Your friends might not know they’re being scammed because it looks and sounds just like you. Computer experts say people fall for this all the time.
“You’re just reading your Facebook in the evening or whatever, oh look, so and so sent me this link,” said Alan Rea, Professor of Computer Information Systems at WMU. “They’ve done that before and you click it and you fall for it and it just takes one click.”
There are some things you can do to protect your Facebook profile from being cloned. First, consider changing your profile picture to an image that isn’t just you, maybe you and your friends or your pet, or some scenery. Second, you can go to privacy settings and hide your friend's list so scammers can’t see it. Then you can only allow friends to see your information, not acquaintances. Finally, you can make sure your profile isn’t available for anyone in the public to see.
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If you find out your profile has been cloned, let all your friends know not to accept a friend request from you and not to click on any links that appear to come from you. You can then make a report through Facebook and block the cloned account.


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