Major heat wave for northern Europe and the Arctic this weekend 10/13/18


Models agree: northern Europe and the Arctic are in for a major heat wave this weekend. Temperatures are expected to be up to 10-15 °C above the long-term average for this period!

The strong ridge and warm air advection ahead of the low-pressure area over the Atlantic (including the upcoming cyclone ‘Callum’) will result in temperatures well above the long-term average for this period. Temperatures are expected to soar 10-15 °C above the 1981-2010 average across large parts of northern Europe, as well as over northern parts of central Europe. Additional warming is expected across fjords in western Norway as southeasterly winds produce significant Foehn effect/warming of the airmass.

Temperature anomaly (2 m temperature) across Europe from Friday to Monday. GFS model. Map:
Additionally, the warm air mass will push far into the Arctic region, over eastern Greenland and Svalbard, pushing almost all the way to the North Pole.
Temperature anomaly (2 m temperature) over the northern hemisphere on Sunday. GFS model. Map: Wxcharts.EU


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