Tsunami Alert Declared after 7.3 Earthquake Rocks Pacific Ring of Fire 10/10/18

Preliminary reports warn tsunami waves could hit areas within 300km of the earthquake’s epicenter. The quake hit off the coast New Britain region of Papua New Guinea earlier today. 

People living in areas threatened by the tsunami have been urged to contact local authorities.
A message from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reads: "Government agencies responsible for threatened areas should take action to inform and instruct any coastal populations at risk in accordance with their own evaluation."

“It’s still too early to determine whether there is a possible tsunami threat to Hawaii.”
The epicenter of the quake was 200km (125 miles) south-west of the town of Rabaul, at a depth of around 40km, just before 7am local time.
Local constable Roy Michael told reporters: "We felt the earthquake a bit, but it was not too strong."
He said officers hadn't yet been able to reach villages closer to the epicenter.
Earthquake in Papua New Guinea triggers tsunami

At least two aftershocks were felt with a magnitude greater than 5.
The Pacific is only just recovering after Indonesia was hit by a devastating tsunami.
Terrifying footage captured a 20-ft wave submerging streets.


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