The Earth Moves and Creates a Large Landslide Destroys 17 Homes in La Paz, Bolivia

A large landslide destroyed dozens of homes on the outskirts of Bolivian capital of La Paz on April 30, 2019. Local media reported at least 17 homes were destroyed but there were no casualties as authorities evacuated the area before the event.

More than 35 000 homes destroyed as TC Kenneth hits Mozambique
April 28, 2019
Another major natural disaster is affecting Mozambique just 6 weeks after devastating Tropical Cyclone "Idai" left more than 1 000 people dead. More than 35 000 homes in parts of Cabo Delgado, where Tropical Cyclone "Kenneth" made landfall on...
Deadly landslide hits Malawi after heavy rain
April 26, 2019
At least 3 people have been killed, 9 injured and 5 are still missing after a deadly landslide hit Rumphi District of Malawi's Northern Region during early morning hours of April 20, 2019. Heavy rain fell in the area that shifted rocks and triggered the...
18 killed and over 100 injured as severe hailstorm hits Uganda
April 24, 2019
At least 18 people have been killed and over 100 injured as severe hailstorm hit Uganda's Buyende and Kamuli districts late April 22, 2019. The storm hit several villages, including Nakabembe, Kabugidho, Nfumagani, Kidera, and Itamya, destroying homes and crops.
Vietnam breaks its all-time record high temperature
April 24, 2019
With 43.4 °C (110 °F) registered on April 20, 2019, Vietnam broke its all-time record high national temperature. The temperature was registered in the community of Huong Khe in Ha Tinh Province on Vietnam's north-central coastal region. Unusually hot.
1 000 homes damaged as strong storm sweeps through Chiang Mai, Thailand
April 24, 2019
Up to 1 000 homes have been damaged as severe storm accompanied by heavy rain and strong winds hit Thailands' Chiang Mai Province over the Easter weekend. Thai PBS said 10 districts were blacked out for several hours when the freak summer storm hit the region on.


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